Gresham Private Property Impound Guide

Did you hire a Gresham Tow Company but you were overcharged or wrongfully towed? You’ve come to the right place!

The City of Gresham currently has a process for vehicle owners who recently hired local towing companies to file a complaint (if needed) after their vehicle was towed, especially if the complaint is in connection with a private property impound.

If you believe your vehicle was wrongfully towed or you were overcharged please contact Rebecca Danner at 503-618-2313 or email her at:

Private Property Impound Ordinance

In the State of Oregon, the Private Property Impound (PPI) code requires any towing company performing PPI tows in Gresham or statewide to obtain a free PPI license (Click Here). Towers must also comply with all aspects of the code, including the rate resolution because this also sets maximum tow rates and storage charges.

As a service to you we’ve included the following resources for you to download:

Code and rate resolution summary

Gresham Revised Code Article 9.75: Private Property Impound Ordinance

PPI tower’s release of vehicle / vehicle disposition form

PPI citizen complaint form

PPI tower response to citizen complaint form

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