Oregon DMV towing laws


Oregon DMV towing laws

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Oregon DMV Towing Laws

A tow vehicle is defined as a truck used to tow or pick up damaged or disabled vehicles, to reach the state or Oregon’s definition please see ORS 801.530.

Do you need to have a towing permit if you are helping someone else? No, you do not need a tow/recovery business certificate and registration if you are helping another motorist, as long as it is not for business purposes.

However, you will need a tow/recovery business certificate and registration (ORS 822.200) if you do the following:

  • Tow or recover vehicles, (other than vehicles you own), for monetary compensation;
  • Tow or recover vehicles, that are not owned by you, which are wrecked, damaged, disabled, or abandoned, or replacement vehicles as part of your business; or
  • Solicit or advertise that your towing business, or that you perform towing services. (OAR 735-154-0000).

DMV Registration for Towing Vehicles

If the combined weight is 26,000 pounds or less, DMV issues title and registration. If the combined weight is over 26,000 pounds, or the vehicle has prorated registration, the Motor Carrier Transportation Division (MCTD) issues registration.

DMV issues license plates to all tow/recovery vehicles for identification, regardless of whether they are registered with DMV or MCTD.  MCTD and DMV both issue license plates if the vehicle is registered with MCTD. Both sets of license plates issued must be displayed on the vehicle.

Each tow/recovery vehicle must have:

  • Valid registration (with MCTD or DMV);
  • Up to date Insurance coverage for $50,000 cargo and $750,000 liability per accident; and
  • A tow/recovery business certificate and tow/recovery plates from DMV.

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