5 thing to do while waiting for a tow truck

One of the worst things is when you’re driving, your vehicle breaks down and you need a tow truck.

Thankfully, if you live in the Portland Oregon area you can easily contact us 24-7 at (503) 388-5701 to have your vehicle towed but there are 5 things you should be doing while you wait for your Gresham Tow Truck to arrive.

#1 – Set Up Safety Markers or Flares Around Your Vehicle

Before you even call for towing service, you should put on your hazard lights and if the section of road or highway you are on is dangerous, do not leave the vehicle.

If you need to exit your vehicle you should exit from the side of the car along the shoulder and place flares or safety cones behind and in front of your vehicle to help warn approaching traffic.

After this is complete you should immediately get back inside your vehicle and buckle your safety belt.

#2 – Gather Vehicle Paperwork in Your Glovebox and Your Necessary Belongings

This step is important because you will need your vehicle’s registration once the tow truck arrives.

Locate this document along with your insurance information while you wait. Make sure you have your license on hand as well.

Gather up your valuables and any items you do not want to be left behind in your vehicle when it is towed.

#3 – Do Not Speak to Other Motorists

For your own protection, we recommend that you keep your doors locked at all times. If the driver of another vehicle stops to help, do not open your door.

Keeping your doors and windows closed is especially important during the winter in Oregon since this will help the inside of your vehicle to retain its warmth from your heater.

Lower your window just a bit to speak to the motorist and tell him or her clearly that a tow truck is on its way. You have no way of knowing the motivations of those you meet on the roadway, and you should stay alert for any potential threats.

Do not be fooled by the appearance of another tow truck driver. If a towing driver stops to help and he or she is not from the company you called, do not allow him or her to hook up your car.

Many dishonest towing firms capitalize on the desperation of stranded motorists and attempt to scam them into high-fee service.

#4 – Alert Us if You Feel Unsafe

If you are in a deserted area and you are not confident of your safety we recommend that you tell us this information when you call to schedule your tow because we can also contact the local police and ask for an officer to be sent.

#5 – Ask for Your Drivers Identification

Once your tow truck driver arrives to make sure they identify themselves and they should also show you identification which confirms that they are a tow truck driver for our company.

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