7 things to check before going on a Road Trip.

Thinking about taking a road trip? The great thing about Oregon is that it’s a great state to take a road trip since there’s always so much to see but before you head out you should check the following 7 things.

#1 – Check Your Vehicles Fluids

You can easily do this yourself simply by checking your engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid and transmission fluid.

If you don’t like to get your hands dirty you should take your vehicle to an oil change or repair shop to have your vehicles fluids checked or changed.

#2 – Check Air in Tires

This step is important because tires that have the recommended PSI will lead to better gas mileage during your road trip. If you don’t want to do this yourself you can easily take your vehicle to a shop like Les Schwab’s to have them check your tires for you.

#3 – Check Your Headlights, Blinkers and Emergency Flashers

Since headlights can become “cloudy” over time you should check your headlights to make sure that they are 100% functional and you should also check your blinkers/emergency flashers to make sure they work as well.

FYI – Most oil change shops like Oil Can Henry’s will do this check for you so you can easily get everything checked at once if you go for an oil change before your trip.

#4 – Check Your Air Conditioner / Heater

If it’s been a while since you went on a road trip in your vehicle you should check the A/C and heater to make sure that both are working 100% for the journey.

#5 – Check the Cabin Air Filter

Most vehicles have a cabin air filter that never gets checked or replaced and this can result in an uncomfortable trip for people with allergies. To avoid discomfort you should check and replace the filter especially if it’s never been replaced.

#6 – Check Your Spare Tire and Tools

Even if you’ve never had a flat tire before you should check your spare tire and tools just to make sure you have everything you need should you have a flat tire during your journey.

#4 – Check Your Devices

Make sure all of your portable, electronic devices are charged and ready for your trip. You should also confirm that your GPS batter is fully charged as well.

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